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They always did. They just don’t care for corrupt ones. I know that nuance is too hard for you to comprehend. most liberals have always valued law enforcement in general. We simply don’t think they should be murdering unarmed people of color. hello how are you doing today I hope you are cool. A next step could be governors ordering armed National Guard units to enforce state rules against congregating in public places, such as parks and beaches. Yes, you are right! Wait for & see, 6 months from now, all of the insane things that are yet to happen! No worries. The vast majority of the unstable sides with the left, and therefore, do not listen to Trump. Jimmy Carson If he had been black he would be dead because the shoot unarmed black men who are not aggressive so being black and aggressive who had gotten more people killed under the guise of “I feared for my life” Don’t need to pull the card when there’s evidence of it everywhere online now Jimmy Carson no really, I should take advice from Fabio and his little dog.

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You have to excuse Jimmy Carson, he’s just trolling and got his education from the University of Phoenix lolJimmy Carson race card, I will throw the whole deck and hit you in the head if you give them to meJimmy Carson I’m assuming you’re also the old man in the previous picture. How many rubles are you being paid? Jimmy Carson, I don’t understand. You’re literally bleeding out of the vagine and you’re considering my health? How thoughtful Jimmy Carson I’ll read you a bedtime story son because you look desperate for attention I really don’t think meth would help with your rash and everything. I’m a Brit no guns here not living under a rock my point is that it is scarier than any virus. If it was a park ranger it was not a privately owned lake. Rebuke his public land usage rights for life.