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The idea of everybody speaking, having a voice, [and the Official Colour Vision Embroidered Shirt and by the same token and opportunity] just to think about their life and to share something is also something that is especially important today. Another thing that we should learn about these days is generosity. You know, taking care of other people, participating in this idea that you’re sharing things for other people, and that they are participating in something that belongs to them and belongs to you as well.  Azzedine is somebody who worked enormously and consistently. When we think of him, it’s something always to remember that he only became “famous” when he was 45 or 46, which is very interesting as opposed to the current world when people get famous very, very young. Then they have to cope with that in a world that can be, at times, very challenging. For 25 years of this life before reaching celebrity in the 1980s, he worked quietly, ceaselessly, discreetly, and passionately. In a way his life ethics were based on skill, training, craftsmanship. He was so passionate about what he did that he would never stop because indeed his life was his work and his work was his life. For that reason, [there was not] pressure for a work-life balance. What he did was to embed within his own life moments of creative breaks. Each [of these] conversations was one such moment, a creative break.

Official Colour Vision Embroidered Shirt

It was a very important thing for him to give the Official Colour Vision Embroidered Shirt and by the same token and wake-up call that each of us can be creative across disciplines. You know, you can be an artist, you can be a filmmaker, you can be an actress, you can be a dancer, you can be a writer, you can be a cook. You can do whatever you want. There is no hierarchy of discipline, [but] there is a hierarchy of work and commitment to what you do, and this commitment doesn’t limit you, it actually gives you freedom. If you think like that then you start embedding everything within your own holistic life. If you do that, if you are so committed to what you’re doing, then everything starts to fall into balance. At the same time, it is fundamental not to yield to the pressure that is pushed and pressed upon you. What Azzedine wanted this book to be is quite ambitious, and at the same time quite a modest invitation, for each and every one of us to experience and push the freedom of our lives.

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