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I was slowly opening my eyes to who Michelle really was. I debated even inviting her to my wedding. I decided to be the bigger person and put the invite in the mail. The next day, my maid of honor, who also knew Michelle since childhood, asked if I was inviting Michelle. Apparently, Michelle told her that even if she wasn’t invited, she would crash my wedding. I said that I sent her an invite, so that dashed her plans of making a scene. Michelle texted me and told me she would be coming to the wedding. I also invited Michelle’s parents to my wedding and about two months before my wedding, her mom said, “Thank you, but we are going to be away that weekend. We have to go clean up Michelle’s grandpa’s old cabin. It’s been eleven years since he passed and my brother and I have finally made plans to do it now. I will send my card to Michelle. Have a great day and congratulations!”

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Why I’m single hideous too picky dick is too big might kill someone shirt

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Five days before the wedding, we are getting the final numbers for the caterer. I texted Michelle to confirm that she and her husband were still intending on coming as I didn’t have an official RSVP. She texted me back, “That was the plan, however, last-minute plans were made to go through some of my grandpa’s things, which I should really be part of. I meant to text you earlier than today.” Reading that text brought back every single excuse she had ever given me when she had something better come along whenever we had made plans to hang out or do something. I knew very well that the plans to go sort through her grandpa’s things were not last minute. I knew very well that had I not texted her, she would not have texted me and would’ve just been a no-show and I would’ve had to pay for the uneaten food. I finally realized that she was not a friend to me. She would use me unless something better came along. Suddenly her father’s pity for me after Michelle’s wedding made sense. He knew that she was using me and I was too naive to see it. He knew that she regarded me as a last resort, someone who would always help her out unquestioningly, but was not worthy of her time.

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