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I spend one to two hours in front of the mirror almost every day, practicing new ways to tie a knot with a scarf, until it turns into something I like and I would wear. It is very important for me to create a style that people can relate to, therefore I try to be very modest and classy. Once it turns into something I like, I take a photo, save it to my phone, and record it the next day. If I have time, I do it right away. I style the scarf together with an outfit, record it, edit the video, and voilà—upload it onto TikTok and Instagram. I am very inspired by the comments that I receive, so I really have to thank my supporters.

Star Trek about to hit the Jim T-Shirt

“Crazy.” That’s what they called me for starting a business in the middle of this world pandemic. After creating so many videos on how to tie a scarf, the idea of creating silk scarves from my own brand came to mind. I was very scared, as I had no clue on how to run a business, but I knew without a doubt that I had to combine my creativity and the product, and share it with the world. After four months of doing videos showing people how to style a scarf, I did my own research on starting my own business, as well as an online course on project management. Finally, in September I launched the website where people could have access to Zafia Scarves. I seek with Zafia to bring sophistication and elegance with timeless pieces.

Star Trek about to hit the Jim T-Shirt hoodie

It’s all about practicing. When you love what you do and you do it with passion, great things happen. I research a lot and spend hours every day just focused on next steps, next stylings, and next creations. I like wearing scarves around my neck, but a top combined with a suit is by far my favorite.

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