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That is why there is on going research on many diseases with great progress And new treatment regimes based in science. A national effective system of testing and strong contact tracing and quarantine as needed. Cover your face wash your hands stay away from crowds stay home if sick.

Don't mess with Texas toddler shirt

Hc_location=ufiTina Brand aOk, Margaret, let’s all put ourselves away in a social distanced prison cell until the virus completely vanishes. The reason to slow down the virus is to prevent hospitals from filling over capacity. Here in the uk few weeks and no wonder our cases increased rapidly again.

Don't mess with Texas toddler Guy v-neck t-shirt

The way we intend to ‘adapt and live with it’ is by not spreading it wherever possible, tracking and tracing contacts of any cases, and developing vaccines. But I guess with immune trump running the country and blagging everyone that its a mild flu you really don’t have much hope Clearly you don’t have the basic understanding of public health and virology. Tina Brand omg You can send a fool to school but you can’t make them think I bet you are American.

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