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We are still failing to protect ourselves from the coronavirus Let alone protect the ApesConsidering that they have been driven to the point of extinction and are at risk of poaching and who knows what else I’d say “God Almighty” has been doing a pretty piss poor job. Perhaps its time he retired a let a less murderous evil god take over – after all there are plenty out there (according to human myths and legends throughout history)Chris Davies who else do the poaching? It’s still your people that come down to Africa to hunt them or hire local hunters to kill them. Oh dear, I had not thought about these lads till now.

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Just when my heart couldn’t break any more Yes but human life is way worth that of an animal.even though we are 7.7 billion you cant simply choose whom to sacrifice completely disagree with that! We are all animals and all animal life is worth saving So if another species dies due to human behavior that’s OK? Given that humans have caused the extinction of the majority of other species do far, I’d say it’s our turn soon from Valentine in Feb to quarantine in March Why? So we can recover and continue to abuse the wildlife and this planet? That’s what got us in this mess in the first place! Selfishness and greed and lack of consideration for anything other than our own tiny world.