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Sure, Trump incomprehensibly claimed to be “planting trees,” but moderator Chris Wallace phrased our planet’s rapidly deteriorating climate conditions as theory rather than scientific fact. Hearing him ask Trump what he “believed” about the science of climate change underscored the frustration that many have long felt over U.S. leaders’ failure to act on our climate emergency.   Things changed at last week’s debate moderated by Kristen Welker, whose final question was how each candidate would tackle climate change. While Biden stated that “global warming is an existential threat to humanity,” Trump served up his usual mix of grandstanding half-truths and all-out lies. Among other asides, he was quick to dismiss clean energy, saying wind turbines “kill all the Top shirts on Yoneshirt on 2021/1/18 birds” (house cats do way more damage), and erroneously commented that making buildings more energy efficient would result in “little, tiny small windows.”

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