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Can you find it in your heart to donate some dollars to them Can you decide that, if you live on Long Island Well, maybe I need to renew my subscription to Newsday to help support this kind of journalism It comes down to people and their willingness to be financially supportive, but also. I think there is potentially a government role in this, not necessarily with direct financial support to news organizations, but one of the things that newspapers collectively are trying to do is get an antitrust exemption so they can negotiate together with Facebook and Google. It’s almost as if people have to take up the Top hot Shirt On The Business shirt On 2020/08/02 cause of local journalism more like they have bought from local bookstores over Amazon. I think if we can get a little bit more of that spirit, it would be really worthwhile. I mean, after all we, we pay for Netflix and Hulu and.

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