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Ryan Unge Not surprised, the IG is part of the deep state swamp. Everyone including McCabe should worry about the Barr/Durham investigation that is still ongoing and they have already impaneled a grand jury which means indictments are most likely coming.Ok. So anyone can abuse their power because of hate and lie to congress!! Perfect? What a disgrace. This is how corrupted the FBI and CIA were under Obama. Marvin Esteban, funnily enough when I read the first couple of lines of your comment I thought you were talking about Trump’s tweets. Bonnie Kirchberg, did you get in the wrong line when God was passing out brains? such an angry bitter liberal.

Your head is spinning porkchop No One is going to face Any Charges, watch and see Different treatment for Different Parties has become the “Norm” unfortunately! Jeri Cargo hopefully that will change with all the conservative judges McConnell is putting in the courts. That is our only hope at this point t. Want to see corruption, look no farther than the executive branch. Get money out of politicsFlynn, Stone, and Manafort have their lives destroyed and slimeballs like McCabe, Brennan, and Clapper walk free.