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They will be critised whatever they do but at the end of the day they are doing there best to keep everyone safeCommon sense prevails. Are you maybe now realising that you rushed everything and should’ve listened to scientific advice, Boris. Id=100005230067500&hc_location=ufiMohammed Ali a.

Baylor Bears 90’s Style shirt

‘Sitting like sardines’ is definitely not happening in the 2 pubs i have been to. What a fookin circus lol they have no idea what to come out with next lol public health england just said the sun gives you covid ffs ha ha haConfused people can’t go and meet each other at home. Faced with a choice of peeling back on social contact to make the battle with the Virus easier to win or to continue and let the virus run its course whatever the consequence.

Baylor Bears 90’s Style guy v-neck t-shirt

We are all welcome to our own views whether people agree or notThis is not about virus control it’s about control of the people,on a global scale never seen before. Then people will moan that there is no decent place to go out now as they are all shut. I work in the pub industry and if we shut again we could lose so many more pubs restaurants.

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