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Say No To Sleepy Joe Shirt


Say No To Sleepy Joe Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

The say no to sleepy joe shirt!  Now, he forms his own political party and is the leader of the American Wolf, a group of traveling civilians who have anointed themselves as “peacekeepers” for many months. Tense protests over racism and policy. In the name of law and order, members of his unofficial team fired paint guns at protesters and carried leashes and bear sprays as they searched for anti-fascists. Diaz did an “expedition” in Minneapolis and Seattle’s “municipality”, and drove his American Wolf mobile home to Mount Rushmore to celebrate Independence Day with President Donald Trump and  say no to sleepy joe shirt!  

 Say No To Sleepy Joe Shirt


 Say No To Sleepy Joe Sweater

America’s summer of anxiety and rage swept men like Diaz, energizing conservatives on the front lines of the cultural war. Across the country, conservative armed civilians drew the public’s attention – marching across the states, defying Black Lives Matter protests, chasing Internet rumors – and bringing threats threat of lethal force to local politics and say no to sleepy joe shirt!  Their appearances prompted Congressional hearings on the rise of anti-government militias and domestic extremism and warned researchers to follow hostile groups.