Nxhshirt – Why Is The Carpet All Wet Todd Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

The Nxhshirt – Why Is The Carpet All Wet Todd Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt Crown creator Peter Morgan readily admits that he makes stuff up. Sometimes events that happened a few months, or years, apart are shown to happen simultaneously (Harold Wilson firing Lord Mountbatten really took place in 1967, not 1965, like Netflix suggests). Sometimes events depicted in one place actually took place in another (Princess Diana and Prince Charles played with Prince William for photographers in New Zealand, not Australia). And sometimes conversations are had that were never really had at all. Take season four, episode one: A fictional Lord Mountbatten sternly writes to a fictional Prince Charles that he’s brought “ruin and disappointment” to the family by carrying on with Camilla Parker-Bowles. Later that day, he’s killed in an attack by the Irish Republican Army. Part of that storyline is true—Mountbatten was, indeed, assassinated by the IRA—but there’s no proof that such a stern letter ever existed. (Justifies Morgan: “I made up in my head—whether it’s right or wrong—what we know is that Mountbatten was really responsible for taking Charles to one side at precisely this point and saying, ‘Look, you know, enough already with playing the field. It’s time you got married and it’s time you provided an heir.'”)

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