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Nice T-shirt, Good Quality In April Shirt


Nice T-shirt, Good Quality In April Shirt, Hoodie, Longsleeve tee, and Sweater

The nice t-shirt, good quality in April! Farewell to the appearance of the lovely urban lady, Dua Lipa returns to a more youthful, dynamic and street-like image with a red cropped crop top, combined with a plaid skirt. And of course, there are indispensable accessories throughout the MV such as color chains and hairpins. In the 1990s, the bold crop top showed off the waist like a declaration of free and disruptive fashion for young girls. From t-shirts, coats to indifferent tie shirts, crop top shirts “cover” everywhere, from dramas, fashion magazines to the street.

Besides the lyrics “I would have stayed at home” (Dua Lipa should be at home) is considered by many people to be a lyrics dedicated to the current situation, Dua Lipa accidentally brought a nice dress suggestion. at home with printed picture long sleeves and comfortable shorts and a nice t-shirt, good quality in April! In fact, this is a very popular shirt nearly 30 years ago, loved by many famous faces. Back in 1995, Princess Diana used to go down the street with long sleeves with cartoon prints, biker shorts, and sneakers. This type of shirt at that time was widely applied to sportswear or home wear because of its comfort.