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My Pen Is Bigger Than your Shirt


My Pen Is Bigger Than your Shirt Forgetting someone has never been easy. There are girls who break up with their lovers for a long time, have read all the “recipes” online, also make themselves busier and still feel pain when they see their ex-lover walking next to another girl.

Each person’s feelings are different. There are people who, after finishing a love affair, immediately find another suitable piece. But there are many people who are struggling in an unknown situation of right or wrong, sinking forever without escaping. Thinking that there is no specific way to help people forget because of how they can fit with this person, they cannot be true to others. Don’t try to force yourself to forget. My Pen Is Bigger Than your Shirt Just gives yourself time to be at peace, then at some point when you think about someone you won’t have to worry or endure or see your left chest throbbing every beat …

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