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He’s upped the Trump Red Kingdom American Map Shirt Also,I will get this ante on self-care amid the pandemic as well. “I really fell in love with podcasts. I listen to them every day,” he says—Joe Budden’s, to be specific. The episodes have accompanied him on his habitual motorcycle rides. “These two activities really made it a lot easier to get through quarantine. I’m real simple. I’m not that fancy. I didn’t get new tattoos or anything,” he chuckles. “I’m just spending time outside when I can.”

Trump Red Kingdom American Map Shirt

The simplicity carries through to his much-asked-about skin-care routine. Opting for a natural approach, Masego reaches for shea butter, witch hazel toners, in-shower tea tree aromatherapy, and an aloe-vera-based cleanser. He’s also made a habit of watching YouTube videos of those with “dope skin,” with beauty guru Rahel Brhane as a favorite.

Trump Red Kingdom American Map Shirt Hoodie


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