Los Angeles Lakers 2020 NBA Champions all players signatures shirt

When I got there I was scared ,I am not going to lie.I had already heard stories about this place. While in R&O (a housing unit where all new prisoners are put) a white dude came up and told me I was going to have problems and that I needed to get a knife. It wasn’t long before I did, but more about that later. At my first meal I sat on the wrong side. A black guy was kind enough to tell me that “my kind” sits on the other side.One da two blacks approached me and told me I was going to be their Prison girl. Well I started fighting them and they beat me down. As they were walking away, i said”Can’t fight one on one? That makes you punks!” they came back and kicked and stomped me for what seemed like forever., but was probably less than a minute. After getting out of the hole white dudes swarmed me and said I did good. They said my mistake was going to the part of the yard where it was only blacks. They also teased me about not being able to fight and suggested I use a knife in my next fight.

Los Angeles Lakers 2020 NBA Champions all players signatures shirt

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One day coming back from chow, I saw a guy about 19 years old had just hung himself from the rail of the top walk.. That was bad. But it was other prisoners commenting that got me. “Soft a** b**ch!” It was almost like they were disgusted that he hung himself.One guy put his penis on the bars of my cell so I threw hot water on it. Several months later he approached me and we started fighting. He stuck me twice but I did not know it until a guard tackled me and when he said “We have to get you to medical” I looked down and saw my shirt covered in blood.It seemed like everyday blood was being mopped up or if outside water was poured on it. I saw so many crazy things there that I cant mention them all without this being extremely long. I can not tell you the relief I felt when I got transferred

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