Lemmy Motorhead shirt

Tips for choosing a nice shirt and like that: For all members of the group to be perfectly beautiful, you should note the following points when choosing a shirt: You should choose the shirt with a small neck, short-sleeved shirt. Those who want to look chubby should choose a heart-shaped shirt. too bright. If you have white skin, you should choose bright red, cobalt blue, paste color. The secret between beautiful shirts is always new: After using, the shirts are still new, they need to be properly preserved.

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Lemmy Motorhead shirt

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Here are the points to keep in mind when storing: Do not wash machine with cotton clothes. Do not use harsh cleaning chemicals as this will discolor the shirt. Do not squeeze the shirt too tight, because it will cause the yarn to lose its elasticity. Turn clothes left before drying, do not expose under direct sunlight. Store clothes in a dry place. Above are some experiences of choosing a nice plain T-shirt uniformed by me. summarized in the article. If you have the idea to design your own shirt or need to buy good quality plain t-shirts, you can order them at our factory, ensure good quality, the most affordable price.

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