ikimedina – Official wife mom boss mother woman mommy mothers day shirt

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Leaving the house with a baby can feel alarmingly like a Mensa test—you remembered the pacifier but forgot the diaper cream!—help make sure they not only have everything but have the right things with this on-the-go gift. Artipoppe’s beautifully printed carriers are as chic for mom or dad as for baby (I love the swan print) and perfectly paired with La Coqueta’s knit suits. Less glamorous but equally important: Anya Hindmarch’s changing kit means you don’t need a big ugly diaper bag, you can just stow this in a normal tote and Cerebelly’s new Peppa Pig pouches are perfect for baby who is starting to eat pureed food and may get hungry when out.

Official wife mom boss mother woman mommy mothers day shirt

By six months the baby is starting to enjoy pureed food but it can be a big adjustment for everyone. The Beaba Baby Cook (in so many lovely colors: raspberry! eucalyptus!) makes every parent a bebe gourmet chef and if they’re really inspired, they can draw inspiration from Alain Ducasse’s beloved Cooking for Kids. For the not-cooking-inclined, try a subscription to Yumi’s Chef Series—who says baby’s can’t have a refined palette? Then set them up with these adorable placemats from Land of Bébé and a tinware plate and cup from Salter House and they’re good to go at mealtime.

Official wife mom boss mother woman mommy mothers day premium hoodie

It’s time for the baby to start trying to sleep through the night, which can be fraught, so help make that as smooth a process as possible. If I had these Rajasthani block printed sheets and a downy sleep sack I would sleep all night too! A pair of La Coqueta pajamas and a llama mobile doesn’t hurt either.

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