I did a thing #Releaseday shirt

“Airborne particulates are what we see, what we breathe, and what lodges into our breathing airways,” explains UC Berkeley professor Robert Rhew, Ph.D., who specializes in atmospheric pollution. “Not only are the particulates physically damaging to our lung tissue, they can also contain toxins like heavy metals. So the fact that [the fires] are burning a lot of infrastructure as well as vegetation can lead to very hazardous [health] conditions.””Right now, the I did a thing #Releaseday shirt safest thing to do is hunker down at home and reflect on the most essential things for life: clean air and clean water,” says Rhew. “We take these for granted until they’re gone, and it’s foolish that we are contaminating the very elements that give us life.”

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I did a thing #Releaseday shirt

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