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You are your safest sex partner,” the Hotmerchpremium – Trap House Outkast Official T-Shirt NYC Health reminded New Yorkers in June, and it’s undeniably true that abstaining from sex or physical contact of any type with new people is the safest thing you can do from a risk-management standpoint. However, sex isn’t only about sex; the act can lower blood pressure, improve self-esteem, and reduce stress overall. That there’s no way to know about another person’s sexual behavior is true, but it doesn’t only apply to sex; as TV’s Dr. House was so fond of repeating, everybody lies, and people aren’t always aware that they’ve been exposed to COVID-19. Maybe the best thing we can do, from a public-health standpoint, is decrease stigma around casual sex and instead promote an attitude toward sex that mitigates risk while still allowing for human error

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