Chucks and pearls 2021 sweater

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The folding Coromandel screens that filled Coco Chanel’s apartment at 31 Rue Cambon served as the Chucks and pearls 2021 sweater  inspiration for Chanel’s Coromandel fragrance. Interior design buffs will recognize the Chinese lacquerware decorations known for their intricate design and opulent presentation. The scent keeps with that vibe, combining notes like neroli, white chocolate, jasmine, and olibanum create a luxurious and complex aroma. If ever there were a scent wear while lounging around a Place Vendôme-adjacent mansion, this is it, but the beauty of Coromandel is that it never feels inaccessible. Warm, inviting, and surprisingly cozy, it invites you in a world of glamour.

Chucks and pearls 2021 sweater

Buy this shirt:  Chucks and pearls 2021 sweater

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