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For Naomi Smalls, the beauty transformation from Davis Heppenstall to the individualized doll that is Naomi is born from years of experimentation—but always with a similar vibe in mind. “I remember seeing the John Galliano for Dior—I think it was ready-to-wear 2008 collection? Where the models were these, like, Barbarellas, big hair, and I think that seeing that really fascinated me,” says Smalls. “She’s, like, out of this world, but not like an alien. Like a glamorous alien. She doesn’t exist. She’s a doll. And that’s what I always want to look like when I use makeup.” And finally, Smalls says: “Naomi, she loves a wig moment.” Another round of vinyl setting tape, followed by wig tape, makes way for a long, sky-reaching raven mane, secured and camouflaged with wig glue brushed atop the lace front and obscured by powder concealer. “As corny as it sounds to say out loud, confidence really is your best accessory,” says Smalls, who finishes with a flourish of body shimmer and oil, punctuated by a requisite spritz of perfume. “So whatever makes you feel like the most confident, hone in on it and own it and customize it to you, because that’s what people are going to be super super super impressed with—seeing something that nobody else has.”

Skull Girl Drummer Life Shirt

Smalls, who got her start on season eight of RuPaul’s Drag Race, embraces a go-big-or-go-home approach to drag—an ethos evidenced in her stage name, a coupling of Naomi Campbell and Biggie Smalls. “I landed on Naomi Smalls because it’s, like, based off of two people who are just really good at what they do, no one can come for them, and I have always had a gravitation to that unapologetic attitude,” says Smalls, who is living that truth with an impressive 70-step routine tailored to her showstopping preferences. Smalls begins with an essential skin-care routine—“It’s really important for me to take care of my skin because I want my skin to look as smooth as it appears when it’s all Facetune-d and photoshopped and posted to the ’gram”—before donning her first wig cap and getting down to business.

Skull Girl Drummer Life Shirt hoodie

Shayk’s has been on a the-bolder-the-better outerwear rotation all winter long, from a fire engine red leather Coach jacket to a striped blue jacket from MaxMara. There’s also been a tiger stripe coat by Rowen Rose, and a sold-out Moschino x Palace cloud-print puffer jacket. It’s refreshing! Irina is flexing her style muscles, and why not? Since sweatpants have become very much a standard, it’s nice to experiment. As Shayk told Vogue last week in an interview, “Before, we used to go to big events and parties with makeup and get dressed up,” she says. “Now, I think I miss those fun moments, so I decided that I can have fun with a street style.” In other words, take a page from Ms. Shayk and let that winter freak-chic flag style fly.

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