America President 46th shirt

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Tonight he won’t be going to a club or “grimy basement corridor,” but instead will “take a trip on an escalator to hell: the dystopian saloon of London’s Canary Wharf.” Squeezing past entryways and floating up glowing escalators on the America President 46th shirt way to a dinner under the stars, it’s a fitting scene for the moment. While he works toward an installation for Glasgow International next summer and starts preproduction on his new film, Rat King, he’s also interested in addressing the obvious low point that the past year has created. “I work in the production of fantasy, and science fiction and fantasy aren’t about predicting our future so much as diagnosing our current aspirations and anxieties,” explains Van Zyl. “We have to take consolations where we can find them, though, and somehow try to mix into this dread a heavy dose of humor.”

America President 46th shirt

Buy this shirt:  America President 46th shirt

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