Buy it:2020 Grosse Pointe Antifa Shirt

2020 Grosse Pointe Antifa Shirt

The pandemic, and all the 2020 Grosse Pointe Antifa Shirt requisite sheltering-in-place that has accompanied it, has apparently driven up sales of a motley array of items: beans, puzzles, yeast, face masks, stationary bikes, inflatable pools in the warmer months, and, as it gets colder, outdoor space heaters. But the looming threat of an airborne virus coupled with all the time spent at home has also made many of us acutely aware of what we’re breathing in as we’re doing all that baking and puzzling—and keenly interested in figuring out means of making it better. Not to mention that many of the activities that we do from the comfort of our homes, like, say, that aforementioned baking with a gas stove, can actually be the source of some of the issues with the air.

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