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Slow Down And Move Over TOWLIVESMATTER Shirt

Live your life the way you want to. If your not sure what you want don’t blame others for your Slow Down And Move Over TOWLIVESMATTER Shirt.  Its so heart touching post.n all the head on shoulder ppl r takin it positively.  Interestingly I was told by a hospital chaplain that ‘pagans’ don’t express these type of regrets. TOUCHE… This is why I do not intent to die yet. Life has re structure my whole existence where I have lost all I cared for, but beyond the sadness, it appears that the life lesson was so I can learn to find myself, to see my self, to take care for myself, to love myself and appreciate myself. Life gave me loneliness, but at the same time is giving me freedom and the chance to have the life that I was intended to have, a life that matches my free nature closer to nature. How beautiful and true . That was my dad and thankfully I learned that from him, we always lived life to the fullest no matter what, can’t always please people.  I ALWAYS LIVE IN THE NOW. When it’s my time to go I will have NO REGRETS!! what is wrong with people?????? LIFE IS A GIFT AND IF YOU ARENT CELEBRATING IT EVERYDAY THERE IS SOMETHING REALLY WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!!!!! I’m happy to say I’m doing all five things already…… It feels freeing to live a life you design that’s result is happiness. I’m 46 years old and suffered a mild heart attack this last summer. It gave me time to think about Slow Down And Move Over TOWLIVESMATTER Shirt. I have a chance to start over. This is all good to know. Thanks for sharing. Thank you David Wolfe for a great read. After reading these ‘Five’ (and there are many more) I believe it’s all a choice. Oh I know there are certain circumstances, of course, but one small change can make a very big difference. No regrets here, andbelieve me I have made mistakes. But I choose to be happy and make a difference in someone else’s life.  <3 (oh and the author of this article has several books on Amazon if interested).  It’s human nature. Almost each one of us will take something in life for granted until we realize that we can no longer have it and then regret our neglect. It’s all right; we are humans and made not to be perfect. The ‘should have’s and ‘could have’s don’t really change anything so so might as well be happy for the good times and go into the light with a smile.

Shut The Fuck Up Shirt

I like to practice dying. I know that a lot of people have done it, but I want to do it right. So, I have already had all of these regrets. So glad I corrected my course before the journey ends. Glad, grateful, content, and full of joyous anticipation for each day! It’s never too late. The people are already dying, why can’t they do that peacefully? Why would they want to focus on regrets? If they wish they had done something they hadn’t, they can do it next time. It’s not the things we do, it’s the things we leave undone. That gives us all a heartache, at the setting of the sun!!  Life goes by fast. Time with family and then friends is indeed the most important and the most enjoyable. Those who have an out of the box purpose and work for God, can also be happy. However staying close to family and maintaining close communication is key. Loved ones support each other. We all need love and support.

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