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Gucci Stranger things Sweatshirt


I don’t aspire to wear designer and I love my recycled and unusual bargains but I respect the quality and creativity that goes into high end atelier fashion so being allowed to play in the Gucci store was an absolute bucket list experience and take a look at the Gucci Stranger things Sweatshirt! Not sure who buys pieces like this as these ones cost $990 and the jury is out on if you can actually walk in them.

Buy it: Gucci Stranger things Sweatshirt

Gucci Stranger things Sweatshirt

Gucci stranger things sweater

Thank you so much for making this post! I adore supporting small Gucci Stranger things Sweatshirt but there are so many scammers out there now it’s very hard not to get anxious when there is no communication! I can’t wait for my order! I SPENT OVER 50$ ON MERCHANDISE FROM WICKED ABD NEVER RECEIVED IT !!!!!! I’ve emailed costumer service twice. no answer. THERE IS NO TELEPHONE NUMBER TO CALL IF SOMETHING LIKE THIS HAPPENS. These were all Christmas gifts for a party next week and now I’m shit out of luck with NO RESPONSE FROM THE Gucci Stranger things Sweatshirt! I ordered a tee two and a half weeks ago and according to the tracking information it only left the states a day or two ago. What’s up with that? At this rate i’ll be lucky to receive it in time for Christmas.

Or: Grab this Gucci Stranger things Sweatshirt


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