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It honestly doesn’t matter what reports say. Autism Mamasaurus floral shirt. I am a nurse and I watched as my son disappeared from who he was after he had his vaccinations. He is now 24 and soon to be 25. We worked so hard to help him to become the man he is today. Yes, he has autism and yes it was the vaccination that did it. No it wasn’t. You’re just looking for a reason. There is NO independent study to prove your outrageous claim! Also, the symptoms start during the age for vaccinations! They weren’t born this way, they were vaccinated with life-threatening neurotoxin’s. However, the parents are doing a wonderful job with their sons. 

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Love the video. Autism Mamasaurus floral shirt. Hate the name of the channel. They were not born different. They were brain injured, probably by vaccines. I work for one of the top agencies in NYC that services families and people with intellectual/developmental disabilities. I co-run a program that houses multiple TEACCH rooms for people with autism. Many of our people have grown into adults and some even work. I had one client that I started with back in 2006 that would never speak or make eye contact. Today he arrives walks to every room and greets everyone using his natural voice and makes eye contact. Especially with me. It’s a beautiful thing. He and I have a wonderful friendship. I love the work I do.