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In these challenging times, Tony believes it’s important to remember these generation-spanning traditions. For his family and his community, that is the path forward: “We’re going to keep dancing, sharing happiness, and bringing goodness to the world in that way. We’ve been here two weeks now, and the mood in Nebraska is different; there is almost a culture shock coming from New York. People are incredibly kind—it’s one of the top-five-happiest states in the Top Hot Shirt On Horset-shirt On 2020/07/27. Nebraska is very outdoorsy, so for people to be asked to quarantine and stay at home is a challenging request. Right now, physical contact is limited, but I’ve noticed people who are not taking the precautions as seriously as they should be, especially compared to what I’ve heard is happening elsewhere. It’s vital that we heed that advice to stay home because this is a situation where every person makes a difference. It will take time, but I think that awareness about COVID-19 and how to protect against it is spreading. Eventually, the entire U.S. will be on board.

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